Want to Rent Camera Gear before Buying? Read about its Pros and Cons before Proceeding
February 25, 2017 by Camera Price in Blog

Want to Rent Camera Gear before Buying? Read about its Pros and Cons before Proceeding

Pros and Cons of Renting Camera Gear before you buy

Photography is an art which a lot of people dream about mastering. Along with the right camera, perfect camera gear like lenses, tripods and flashlights are also important in order to get the desired click. Well, buying good quality camera gear will require you to shell out of a lot of money and so, renting camera gear is always a better option. But there are also a few cons to this practice. Given below are some pros and cons of renting camera gear which will help you decide what suits you the best.


• Renting camera gear does not even cost 10 percent of the purchasing cost of it. So, it is always a smarter cost saving option to rent camera gear.
• There are different types of camera gear available in the market. When you rent it before buying, you can be sure about which one to buy after trying out a few different models and understanding their usage effectively.
• It is a convenient option to rent your equipment so that you can practically check the features, specifications, user-friendliness and other important parameters of the camera gear.
• You can have a variety of equipment at the same time whereas if you think of buying all of them, it will surely burn a hold in your pocket.
• Renting camera gear will allow you to have multiple types of gear at the same time whereas if you buy, your budget will limit you to purchase only one or two of them.
• When you rent out camera gear, you learn to take the responsibility of it properly. So, this will help you learn to handle and take care of your own future camera gear so that you do not end up becoming careless about it.


• The fear of camera gear getting damaged is always more when it is rented and so, it gets difficult to focus on the actual purpose, which is photography.
• It can become an expensive affair renting camera gear frequently if you require it regularly.
• You have to pay a security deposit before renting camera equipment, and it can be deducted even if the slightest damage is caused.

Considering the Pros and cons, it can be said that in most of the situations, it is beneficial renting camera gear instead of buying it. You can decide depending on your situation and requirements and rent/buy the camera gear.

Image by Photographer: Clem Onojeghuo