Most Common Photography Website Mistakes which Lead to its Failure
February 25, 2017 by Camera Price in Blog

Most Common Photography Website Mistakes which Lead to its Failure

Mistakes and Failure of a Photography Website

It is a known fact that everything these days happens through the internet. It is the first and foremost platform to showcase your work and talent. There is an abundance of photography websites on the web, which might make you feel that becoming a popular photographer and achieving fame on the internet is a tough task. But, let us tell you that most of these websites are not how they should be. Most of the photographers make common mistakes while managing a website, which makes it a failure. To avoid this and getting ahead in this race, below given is a list of some website errors. This will help you plan out your website in a better way so as to avoid its failure.

Low quality pictures

Picture quality are the clearest mirror to reflect a photographer’s skills. If you upload low quality pictures on your website, people are not going to like it. It will result in degradation of your image and people will gradually stop visiting your website. So, it is very important to select the right kind of pictures for uploading on your website.

No contact details

One of the most common reason which results in failure of a photographer website is that there are no location or contact details provided on the website. If anyone likes your work or is interested in giving you a project/ business opportunity, they should be able to contact you through your website, for which, proper details are very important.

Flash Photography

This is one of the most ignored and yet a major photographer website mistake. When it comes to uploading flash photographs, it is a strict ‘No’, because they look very unprofessional. Another drawback of flash photographs is that they always look very flat and lifeless, with the same color tone all over, without any highlights of shadows.

Complicated website navigation

According to many website makers, it is very important for the website to be easily accessible. If it has a complicated and confusing interface where images load at a very slow speed, you website will surely be a failure. So, make sure that your website is neat and simple, without a lot of cluttering content. Make it attractively designed, but do not go too flashy with it and keep it simple, decent and professional enough.

So, keep the above given factors in mind and create a photography website which everyone will love.

Image by Photographer: Gratisography